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School Uniforms and Bookpacks


Regular School Polo Shirts


Year 6 Shirts


House Shirts


Unisex poly/cotton shorts


Skirt with undershorts


Dresses (sizes 4 -8)




Zip-up jacket


Old Stock/2nd Hand Items


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Driver Primary School Council has endorsed the sale of student book packs. These packs contain stationary items that students will need for their year level.The school supplements book packs with additional stationary, art/craft materials and other curriculum related materials. Book packs cost $90 and are available from the front office.


Compulsory School Uniform Policy

All students in NT government schools from Transition through to Year 9 are required to wear an authorised school uniform. 

Students must wear the Driver Primary School shirt with royal blue shorts, skorts or a skirt OR the Driver Primary dress.

Year 6 students are encouraged to wear the Year 6 Driver shirt.

School House Shirts can be worn on Fridays only, however are not compulsory.

In cooler weather:

 - A plain royal blue or plain red jumper/jacket over the uniform shirt is permitted.

 - Plain royal blue long pants may be worn in place of regular bottoms. 

Students are required to wear a plain royal blue bucket hat whenever they are outside. Baseball caps are not considered sun

protective and are therefore not acceptable.


Alternative inside play options are available if a student does not have a school hat but is otherwise in uniform. 

Sneakers or closed toe shoes are required all students, for safety reasons thongs and open toe shoes are not acceptable

footwear for school.


Students who are not in full school uniform are required to sit on the out of uniform wall during recess and lunch. 


Parents will be contacted if students are repeatedly out of uniform or do not have the school hat.

It is important to maintain this dress code and we thank you for your support.


Uniforms are for sale at the front office. 


Please ensure that uniforms and hats are clearly labelled.

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