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 Driver Preschool educators work collaboratively to plan experiences for the children, using the Early Years Learning Framework and Northern Territory Preschool Curriculum to guide both intentional and incidental learning for the children.

The preschool children are part of the wider Driver Primary community and as such are involved in a number of opportunities where they visit and participate in shared learning experiences with their older peers. They visit the school library and ‘Farm Driver’ on Wednesdays. They also engage in a transitioning program during the last part of the school year where Preschool and Transition students swap spaces to help those moving up into Transition the following year be better supported to make that move.  We also join in during some whole school events such as fundraising days, assemblies later in the year and the school concert each December.

Our preschool children also take part in ‘Leap into Learning’. This is a motor skills program with strong links to building pre-literacy skills. We believe that building literacy skills early is essential to help our children ‘strive for excellence’.

Our Values

•research that affirms the value of play in learning and curriculum delivery

•high expectations through personalised support for each child

•respectful, reciprocal relationships through open communication

•cultural diversity as a celebration of individual differences

•continuous improvement through regular reflection on practice

•comprehensive documentation that makes learning visible and communicates outcomes and progress

•productive partnerships with families as the major influence in children's lives

•aesthetically-pleasing, natural and sustainable environments conducive to play

•seamless and effective transitions that promote positive, successful school experiences

•confidentiality as a means of respecting everyone's right to privacy


From a child’s view:

•We value play – it is how we learn best

•Our teachers believe in each of us as capable learners

•We talk to each other

•We celebrate each other for who we are

•We reflect on our learning

•We can show you our learning

•Our team is made up of our families, our friends, our teachers, ourselves

•Our learning spaces look and feel play-friendly

•We know what our education journey looks like

•We respect each other

Session Times


Monday/Tuesday                  8.20am - 2:30pm

Alternated Wednesdays         8.20am - 2:30pm 

Thursday/Friday                   8.20am - 2:30pm

Driver Preschool has two different sessions

Monday and Tuesday and every other Wednesday

Thursday and Friday and every other Wednesday


Preschool / Transition Age of Entry

Driver Primary School implements the Departmental Age of Entry policy.

  • Children turning five on or by 30 June may begin Transition at the beginning of Term 1.

  • Children turning four on or by 30 June may begin Preschool at the beginning of Term 1.


Flexible intake for Preschool enrolments may occur as children turn 4 throughout the year if places are available.

It is important to note however, that  students starting Preschool in Semester 2 will access more than 12 months of a Preschool program as they must them complete the next full year in Preschool.


Preschool Resource Pack

School funding allows us to purchase educational essentials such as plain paper, pencils, glue and paint. The Preschool Resource Pack compliments existing funding to enhance creative educational resources available to preschool students. The Preschool Resource Packs contain high quality materials and supplies that enable preschool students to express their ideas and imagination through creative educational experiences. Preschool Resource Packs may be purchased from the Driver Primary school office at a cost of $55.00 per child.


The Northern Territory Government provides a Back to School Payment to the value of $200 per child.  This is available to all preschool students for use in the term they commence and can be used toward the purchase of Preschool Resource Packs, uniforms and excursions. 



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