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About the Board

Driver Primary School became an Independent Public School in 2018. The Board enables parents to provide relevant input into decision-making and long-term strategic vision of the school, creating strong engagement between the community and our school. Good governance is practiced, while following a formal meeting procedure in a friendly, cooperative and inclusive atmosphere.


Roles and responsibilities 

The Driver Primary School Board assists in setting the key directions for our school, directly influencing the quality of education our school provides to the students. This involves the school community as a whole, with the Board consisting of a balance of staff, parents and invited community representatives.


You will get to:
  • Work together with the school community to create and achieve the long-term vision for the school.

  • Represent and make decisions in the interests of students, parents, staff and the broader school community in order to provide the best possible educational opportunities for students.

  • Approve, plan and monitor aspects of the annual budget

  • Provide input into the development and implementation of school policy

  • Provide input into work on buildings and grounds

  • Access and discuss regular reports about progress in different areas of the school's operations.



Meetings are usually held from 6 pm on the third Wednesday of every month during the school term. They generally go for up to 90 minutes and are held in the school library (red building).


Meetings are open to all community members, so feel free to come along anytime. We are always seeking extra parent representation!



Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations (COSGO) provides high quality training and support to School Boards. To learn more about school boards in the NT, please go to or contact


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