As an Independent Public School, the Driver Primary School Council became a Board in 2018.


What is the Driver Primary School Board? 


The Driver Primary School Board assists in setting the key directions for our school, directly influencing the quality of welfare and education our school provides to the students. This involves the school community as a whole, with the board consisting of a balance of staff, parent and invited community representatives.


To learn more about school boards in the Northern Territory, please go to https://ntcogso.org.au to be directed to the Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations.


When does the Driver Primary School Board meet? 


Meetings are usually held in the staff room on the third Thursday of every month during school terms from 6-8pm. Meetings are open to all community members, so feel free to come along anytime. If you feel you are too busy to join the board, there are sub-committees that need parent representation. We are always seeking extra parent representation!

What does joining the board involve?


  • Working together with the school community to create and achieve the long-term vision for the school.

  • Representing the interests of students, parents, staff and the broader school community in order to provide the best possible educational opportunities for students.

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